I’m good “Baby lets face it, I’m not in…

I’m good

“Baby lets face it, I’m not into dating”
I’m not into relationships, honestly.

“I haven’t been patient
Ever since I been famous my time has been racing”
I’m very impatient lately. This lifestyle has me all over the place and it’s hard to find who i use to be.

“My motives are basic, this life I been chasing”
It’s really simple what i want, and I’m not gonna stop until i get it.

“These hearts I been breaking
And these girls I been tasting don’t never get naked”
I’ve led a lot of girls on. I get what i want from them and send them on their way; they never last long with me.

“They like it in a head lock fuck them from behind
Fuck them with their clothes on, put it to the side”
It’s always from the back, i just want to fuck and go. There’s no love, no real connection and no intimacy.

“Feelings to the side like a Don do
Get ‘em wet, let it slide like a sunroof”
I know how to turn them on and let them get off. Once i get off it’s over.

“Got goals, got dreams
Got a hotel, Crib
Got niggas that’ll die for the prince”
I have a set up for myself. I have ambition. I have a place that i call home. I have people that would give their lives to watch me succeed.

“Got my city on lock, XO till the death”
I always got my city on my mind, i have to hold it down for them.

“Left town in a coach came back in a jet”
When i left here i had nothing. I told myself i wasn’t gonna come back until i made it, and that’s exactly what i did.

“I’m good, I’m not living like I did before
I’m good, I’m good, I said I’m good
Everything I said I do, I did
I’m good, said I’m good”
My life has changed completely and it seemed like overnight. I’m making a name for myself and it feels amazing.

“Oh, I been good
I’ve been out there putting down that work
I’m good, said I’m good, I said I’m good
Everything I said I do, I did
I’m good, motherfucker I’m good”
I’ve worked hard to get where i am. It’s been a long journey and it’s far from over. So if you ask me how I’m doing, just know that I’m straight.