just-a-bird-xo: The Story of Trilogy


The Story of Trilogy

The Trilogy Mixtapes are the beginning of The Weeknd.

House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence are mixtapes that Trilogy is a compilation of. 

We all know that Abel only chooses Valerie (his Lonely Star) on thursdays and although he loves her, he can’t stop cheating on her with other girls. Trilogy is the story of Abel’s infidelity to Valerie, his drug-infused sex life, and how in the end, he pays for what he did to Valerie as she (probably) ends up leaving him (”Don’t you leave my little life”). Valerie truly loves him as she tolerates his actions (”I know you can see through me”) but in the end, it is simply too much for her that she leaves his life. 

Abel changes the whole aura of sex and drugs and he sings about them in a way that’s simply beautifully tragic. This is what Abel Tesfaye is capable of; he can turn tables, he can change minds and most importantly, he can cure hearts.