Wonderful (Abel’s Verse Only) “Oh, I love my …

Wonderful (Abel’s Verse Only)

“Oh, I love my city late at night, yeah
Oh, I love my bitches when they bite, yeah
Oh, let’s call some up and let’s get right, yeah”
My prime time is Toronto when the sun goes down. My fetishes are women like vampires. Let’s get these thins together and make some magic happen.

“We just landed in your city, go time
Driving to the venue, like we’re seeing no signs”
We here to start some shit, taking a straight shot to the venue to play this show and do what we do best.”

“She got all the passes, she don’t ever do lines
Bustin’ like she’s single, she ain’t wasting no time”
She gets backstage every time. She never has to wait. And when she’s back her with us, she knows exactly how to entertain us.

“You cannot record, that’s for the show now
Leave your phone, you get that later on now”
Keep your phone in your pocket or leave it at the door. We can’t let what goes on here get out. This is the private show.

“Pour that special drink that’s for my throat now
And take a sip”
Mix these up and make my favorite drink; it helps my throat after a long show like this. Feel free to have some if you’d like…