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A lie (Abel’s Verse Only)

“Shawty in the way, got the mothafuckin’ fix, yeah

Sippin’ all day got me leanin’ off the kickstand”

This girl in my line of sight has something that i crave, and i dont just mean sex. Once sip and I’m out quicker than if i were drinking just alcohol.

“House on my neck, ‘nother house on my wristband

Girls really love me like a mothafuckin’ six pack”

The worth of this chain, and this watch could buy a family home in the suburbans. And that makes these ladies flock like birds to me.

“No time for restin’

My life’s a mess, ended up bein’ a fuckin’ legend

An icon, tryna cement it

I’m treatin’ every year like it’s game 7”

I dont take days off; my life is a revolving door of chorus and obligations but i wouldn’t have it any other way. Every year is my year to shine and I’m trying to leave a legacy behind.

“I feel like problems in my city been deaded

I feel like me and my niggas are unthreatened”

And issues i may have had in my city are no longer an issue. My crew and i have become untouchable.

“My new girl hate it when I’m always spendin’ (all the time)

I guess I gotta get used to it ’cause my exes”

The girl I’m with now hates how i blow money on pointless things. But little does she know that’s what my old girl does.

“But it’s true, though (but it’s true, though)

But it’s true, though (but it’s true, though)

I’m in the cold, rep the north like I’m Trudeau (yeah)”

My story is being told every day. I’m as well known in my city as the prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

“Yeah it’s true, though (true, though)

Yeah it’s true, though (true, though)

My heart cold but it really beat for you, though”

And yeah, maybe I’m a little cold hearted, but my heart is strong for you.

“Ooh, he do it better, that’s a lie (that’s a lie, yeah)

He at my level, that’s a lie (that’s a lie, yeah)

A hundred thousand for the times, yeah

They fuckin’ with us, that’s a lie, ooh, yeah”

He’s not better than me, he’s not as top notch as me, I’m more successful, attractive and well rounded then he is. Whatever he told you is a lie.

“A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie (that’s a lie)

A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie (that’s a lie)

A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie (that’s a lie)

A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie (that’s a lie)

A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie (that’s a lie)

A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie”

“All of my homies gonna shine

You fuckin’ with us, that’s a lie”




I saw this on a Facebook fan page and thought it was pretty dope


Abel says they could be twins. What y’all think???


Curve (Abel’s Verse Only)

“The kid back on the whiskey

Virginia Black got me tipsy

I’m in L.A. like I’m Nipsey

Spanish girls wanna kiss me”

I’m vibin’ out on a good strong drink in a dangerous city surrounded by crazy ass females that I’m uncontrollably attracted to.

“A nigga wanna come and diss me

And put a hex like a gypsy

They kill themselves, no wrist bleed

Got suicides on my SV”

These niggas that want to compete with me i eliminate immediately. They can’t handle my lifestyle or this pressure, they’re sure to crack. Meanwhile I’m driving off in the sunset in my SV.

“She do it all for the Fendi

She do it all for the Gucci”

These girls will do Anything for designer labels.

“Baby girl wanna choose me

She wanna use and abuse me

I know she wanna text me

I know she wanna sex me “

But in reality, they don’t give a fuck about me or the damage they do to my ego or emotions.

“50 thou’ make her neck freeze

Fuck her once like “next, please” “

But that’s cool. I’ve learned to be just as heartless. Give her a stack and a souvenir for her troubles and move one to the next one.

“My nigga, who would’ve thought?

My nigga, who would’ve thought now?

I’ll be right back at the top now

I’ll be right back at the top now”

From struggling to eat to looking down on those who chewed me up and spit me out. What a feeling.

“I got your girl on my finger

Blowin’ my phone like she’s single

Blowin’ my phone like I’m Cee-Lo

Somebody needs to come get her “

And at the same time, i got “loyal” girls hitting my line like i owe them something. Where they mans are, they need to come through before something happens.

“Like, woo!

With the curve (with the curve)

I know you don’t deserve it, know you don’t deserve it

I got that work

I know you want the Birkin

Baby, are you worth it?

With the curve (with the curve)

I know you don’t deserve it, know you don’t deserve it

I got that work

I need to know for certain

Tell me, are you worth it?”

I stiff-arm gleamed that aren’t worth my time and energy. Some of them keep coming back, and perhaps they have potential, but i wanna know how far they’re willing to go for it, if they’re really worthy of it. If not, oh well…