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I have a theory…

…and I’m sure some, of not most, of you have already picked up on this; Call Out My Name is about Selena Gomez.

Now, this is not an analysis, but just something that i caught as i was listening to it on my way to work this morning;

“I almost cut a piece of myself for your life

Guess I was just another pit stop

‘Til you made up your mind”

This is just one of Many lines throughout the song that points fingers at that *insert insult here*.

Its clear that there was so much pain in this first track, and maybe I’m just overthinking, but the more i listen to Call Out My Name, the more i can just see the progression of there relationship, where it fell apart, the sudden end, and her trifling ass spotted out with Justin Bieber 2 days later

“Why can’t you wait til i fall out of love?”…

As far I’m concerned, she’s a monster…

I hope she hears this song and feels like absolute shit…



I miss them so much.

This the last thing ima say about it, promise…

So…I was just on IG, and I saw a few photos (I’m assuming recent photos) of Selena Gomez. And she’s all cute and cuffed with Justin Beiber. Now, I know it shouldn’t matter but didn’t they just break up like Monday??? And according to all these sources, Abel was in fact the one that ended the relationship…via phone call. Which yeah, that’s pretty fucked up, but apparently she wasn’t too upset about seeing as how she had Justin to fall back on. And it was also said that it wasn’t because of Justin that he ended it, rather too much time apart (which if I’m not mistaken, is something along the lines of why he and Bella split but that neither here or there).

My point is…I’m not even sure at this point. I guess it’s kind of fucked up on both ends: fucked up that he ended it over the phone instead of face to face, and fucked up for her to IMMEDIATELY fall back on her ex two days later. But hey, it is what it is, right???

Date night

Date night

How happy they were..

I miss them so much. Their candids was the best.