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A lie (Abel’s Verse Only)

“Shawty in the way, got the mothafuckin’ fix, yeah

Sippin’ all day got me leanin’ off the kickstand”

This girl in my line of sight has something that i crave, and i dont just mean sex. Once sip and I’m out quicker than if i were drinking just alcohol.

“House on my neck, ‘nother house on my wristband

Girls really love me like a mothafuckin’ six pack”

The worth of this chain, and this watch could buy a family home in the suburbans. And that makes these ladies flock like birds to me.

“No time for restin’

My life’s a mess, ended up bein’ a fuckin’ legend

An icon, tryna cement it

I’m treatin’ every year like it’s game 7”

I dont take days off; my life is a revolving door of chorus and obligations but i wouldn’t have it any other way. Every year is my year to shine and I’m trying to leave a legacy behind.

“I feel like problems in my city been deaded

I feel like me and my niggas are unthreatened”

And issues i may have had in my city are no longer an issue. My crew and i have become untouchable.

“My new girl hate it when I’m always spendin’ (all the time)

I guess I gotta get used to it ’cause my exes”

The girl I’m with now hates how i blow money on pointless things. But little does she know that’s what my old girl does.

“But it’s true, though (but it’s true, though)

But it’s true, though (but it’s true, though)

I’m in the cold, rep the north like I’m Trudeau (yeah)”

My story is being told every day. I’m as well known in my city as the prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

“Yeah it’s true, though (true, though)

Yeah it’s true, though (true, though)

My heart cold but it really beat for you, though”

And yeah, maybe I’m a little cold hearted, but my heart is strong for you.

“Ooh, he do it better, that’s a lie (that’s a lie, yeah)

He at my level, that’s a lie (that’s a lie, yeah)

A hundred thousand for the times, yeah

They fuckin’ with us, that’s a lie, ooh, yeah”

He’s not better than me, he’s not as top notch as me, I’m more successful, attractive and well rounded then he is. Whatever he told you is a lie.

“A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie (that’s a lie)

A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie (that’s a lie)

A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie (that’s a lie)

A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie (that’s a lie)

A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie (that’s a lie)

A lie, a lie, a lie, a lie”

“All of my homies gonna shine

You fuckin’ with us, that’s a lie”




On this date, 6 years ago Trilogy was releas…

On this date, 6 years ago Trilogy was released. Trilogy is an compilation album, composed of remastered versions of his 2011 mixtapes House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence, along with three unreleased songs ( “Twenty Eight”, “Valerie” and “Till Dawn” ). Trilogy received generally positive reviews from critics, Abel being a new name in the industry. The album charted at number 5 on the Canadian Albums Chart, while in the United States, it debuted at numbet 4 on the US Billboard 200, with first-week sales of 86.000 copies. On 22 May 2013, the album was certified double Platinum by Music Canada. By August 2015, the release has sold 558.000 copies in the US. On 22 march 2016, Trilogy was certified double Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. In my opinion, this is the biggest masterpiece Abel has done and I don’t think any album could pass it. An album of 30 songs, all of them amazing and full of mystery. Thanks Abel for creating this masterpiece. Also big ups for Illangelo and all the other producers and writters on this album.